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SG 1.1b4 bind problem

Postby GES » Wed Aug 04, 2010 11:42 pm

bind CAPSLOCK +scores
in the SG 1.0 +scores It works well!
in the SG 1.1b4 "togglescores" Why? This is not good!
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Postby /dev/random » Thu Aug 05, 2010 12:44 pm

ioquake README wrote:SDL Keyboard Differences
ioquake3 clients have different keyboard behaviour compared to the original
Quake3 clients.

* "Caps Lock" and "Num Lock" can not be used as normal binds since they
do not send a KEYUP event until the key is pressed again.

* SDL > 1.2.9 does not support disabling dead key recognition. In order to
send dead key characters (e.g. ~, ', `, and ^), you must key a Space (or
sometimes the same character again) after the character to send it on
many international keyboard layouts.

* The SDL client supports many more keys than the original Quake3 client.
For example the keys: "Windows", "SysReq", "ScrollLock", and "Break".
For non-US keyboards, all of the so called "World" keys are now supported
as well as F13, F14, F15, and the country-specific mode/meta keys.

On many international layouts the default console toggle keys are also dead
keys, meaning that dropping the console potentially results in
unintentionally initiating the keying of a dead key. Futhermore SDL 1.2's
dead key support is broken by design and Q3 doesn't support non-ASCII text
entry, so the chances are you won't get the correct character anyway.

If you use such a keyboard layout, you can set the cvar cl_consoleKeys. This
is a space delimited list of key names that will toggle the console. The key
names are the usual Q3 names e.g. "~", "`", "c", "BACKSPACE", "PAUSE",
"WINDOWS" etc. It's also possible to use ASCII characters, by hexadecimal
number. Some example values for cl_consoleKeys:

"~ ` 0x7e 0x60" Toggle on ~ or ` (the default)
"WINDOWS" Toggle on the Windows key
"c" Toggle on the c key
"0x43" Toggle on the C character (Shift-c)
"PAUSE F1 PGUP" Toggle on the Pause, F1 or Page Up keys

Note that when you elect a set of console keys or characters, they cannot
then be used for binding, nor will they generate characters when entering
text. Also, in addition to the nominated console keys, Shift-ESC is hard
coded to always toggle the console.

v1.0 is quake3 while v 1.1 uses ioquake.
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Postby GES » Thu Aug 05, 2010 3:43 pm

Thank you for your comprehensive answer.
It's a pity.
I use bind ALT "+movedown"
I can not use bind TAB "+scores" because ALT-TAB on Windows switch program.
Some solution to this problem is?
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