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Re: A BR Tournament - Spring 2014

Postby Tequila » Wed Apr 23, 2014 5:54 pm

Created today a Competition subforum under "Wanted". Anything related to tournaments, leagues and any kind of competition should go there... This can be become an entry point for future league competition or challenge !

Also, after Bart202 request, I added -Murdoc- in "Tournament organizers" group so he and Bart202 are full moderators in that forum.

Tournament organizers may ask to be removed from the group after the competition is finished.


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Re: A BR Tournament - Spring 2014

Postby -Murdoc- » Thu Apr 24, 2014 4:11 pm

I agree with tournament spirit ! We can imagine in future an annual tournament (like a play-off) in end of Spring (May/June) or Summer (July/August). And September to April next year a league like a championship (clan-wars) ! As Sports organizations.
But actually the problem is that many clans are inactive or dead and new players don't come to clans or grow actual clans. We need a clan's revival. :twisted:
But yes website must be organize in long term for competitions.

So now it's just a tournament, teams are clans or not. The winners can have their names on website and a special banner as a price. :) I can try to draw it or someone else.

Anyway we must wait Facebook answers about : how many players in team and when start tournament. Then I'll change poster to add register's end date and start tournament date. And we can organize the event. :)
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