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Good News / Bad News

Postby ReD NeCKersoN » Mon Mar 20, 2006 4:32 pm

First, the bad news. Remember L3th4l's map in progress br_OutlawRun? Well I won't tell you the whole story because it's long. The short version is that the map (and the backups) has been lost. The most recent remaining backup is several months old. Rather than basically start over on the level, the author decided to move on to other things. Dang, that map was looking really fine too. :(

Still, there is some good news to come from this. L3th4l decided to remake the wq_lake level by Lt. Frag! This was one of my top 3 favorite maps from the beta 1.2 days and I can't wait to play this. L3th4l has only been working on it for a week or so and I must say his progress is looking outstanding already. Check the "pic-o-the-week" for a very sweet looking screenshot. :D

In other WQ3 news, Sig11 and Torhu have implemented some very nice features into our working stand-alone prototype. Sig11 in particular has really been working hard since he joined the team. Man, that guy is a coding nut! Breli took a small vacation from his map to go through the stock DM maps, fixing bugs and making a few gameplay related changes. We still have to finalize the 2 beta maps we recently released and go through the remaining stock levels. My own custom project has had setbacks but is finally nearing beta status. (I hope!) Has anyone else noticed an increase in players lately? I still refuse to make a release date prediction for the stand-alone project, but things are definately looking up around here. 8)
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