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Christmas in July?

Postby ReD NeCKersoN » Sat Jul 15, 2006 1:00 am

If you're trying the mod for the first time, see the announcement above if you need the mod files. Also, go to the Feedback Forum & check the "sticky" posts for map downloads you'll need.

Howdy folks! L3th4l has something under the tree for the beta testers today in the form of Green Hill Lake which is a remake of the original by Lt Frag. It just so happens that the level was a favorite of mine back in the old days so I'm polishing my rifle as I type this. (Don't ask how. :D ) L3th4l's rendition is fairly true to the original but with a few twists and mucho eye candy. If you're a tester, you should read this later and go get it already!

Here's some more news for you. the beta 2.2 version that's coming soon is looking fairly solid. The standalone is seeing it's share of updates lately as sig11 keeps pounding at it. Coyote Bluff is looking more and more like a finished map and will be included in the 2.2 release. EvilFutsin is cranking out some new ingame footage for us that'll be used for a downloadable video or as part of the 2.2 closing credits. L3th4l's been working on the ROQ & scrolling text for that credits project and doing a great job. Torhu is offering up a little experiment of his called "Monster Browser" that lets you view the status of all WQ3 servers (and any other Q3 mods you want) as well as connect to the server of your choice right from the user interface. It's like an All Seeing Eye program in a way, but uses less resources. See this thread for details and download.

So despite my lack of news in the last month, many things are happening here. Stay tuned because a very significant upgrade to version 2.2 is on the horizon! Hasta luego hombres! 8)
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Postby EvilFutsin » Sat Jul 15, 2006 2:10 am

Dare I say....groovy? 8)
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