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"Bleeding edge" mod version

Postby hika » Fri Mar 07, 2008 10:51 pm

For the record, here is the link to download the current patch for tester :

Current version is b2.20 20071110

To summarize, here are the changes, since the b2.2 public version :

*** CHANGES ***
- When opening the buy menu, the buy ($$) balloon tooltip is displayed instead of the chat (:>...) balloon tooltip.
- Added cg_boostfps cvar to slightly improve FPS, concerning flares and particles.
- Added a menu option to disable glowing flare effects.
It might improve FPS for low CPU machine.
- The "red lag icon" above each laggy player should appear less often (thanks torhu ;)).
- The InGame ServerInfo menu now shows values of the server you are connected to.
- Added g_breakspawndelay to change breakable respawn delay.
By default, 45 seconds (at least) are needed.
- Added g_forcebreakrespawn. A breakable will respawn no matter what, even if it
is in one player's field of vision.

*** FIXED ***
- You can no longer pick up more knives and dynamites, when you wear a belt and when you already have the max ammo (10 knives or dynamites).
- Correct colors displayed in buy menu for throwing weapons when you've got a belt (Thanks, Aerasol).
- By killing yourself and then quitting the game, all your items were dropped twice.
- When you died and had two same pistols, the correct ammo will be kept for the second one.
- No possible trick to reload Peacemaker, Colt Lightning and Winchester 1866 in a faster way.
- No weapon drop from the sky, when spectating.
- Fix 100% CPU usage on wq_train and wq_lake, when many bots played.
- Pistols on holster are drawn correctly.
- If a player hold two different pistols, draw and put them in the correct hands, when third person spectating.
- Don't "extreme speed knife stab".
- Prevent a Q3 engine bug in rendering special player shadows, allowing anybody to easily locate other players, and then cheat !
If r_stencilbits >= 4 and cg_shadows == 2, then cg_shadows will be changed to 1.
- Possibly fix some 3D font rendering on "say:" and kill message on top right screen.

Sorry, if I can't be more explicit on changes, fixes and if I can't quote the different threads related to each point.

Please note that I have a current version with changes like :

- No dynamites box pickup if you wear a belt and already have max dynamites (10).
- Prevent any possible Peacemakers fast reload when you hold :
left and right mouse buttons + reload button + key '2' (pistol weapon change shortcut keys).
- g_allowVoteKick : New server side cvar to allow or not vote kick
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