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Jeuxlinux.fr announcements.

Postby Barto » Sun Aug 28, 2016 11:54 am

This topic aims to do few announcements about the server that is jeuxlinux.fr.
I'll update the post accordingly when something happens that will probably need people's attention.

All code patches are available on Github and are in the .diff format so it can be compiled easily without forking the entire code base of the game.

28th August 2016: timelimit and fraglimit fixes
Added a new pk3 called zz_jeuxlinuxfr_0000.pk3 which ensures to avoid bad values of timelimit and fraglimit. Make sure that your game allows download when connecting to the server via the cl_allowDownload variable or via the game interface. It is a bug also present in the upstream ioquake3 project and we also have elaborated a fix that is waiting to get merged.
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