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Jeuxlinux and maps

Postby MsH » Tue Nov 23, 2010 8:48 pm

Why there is always durango or mexico map in jeuxlinux?

I know that they are good br maps, but if we play them always, I believe that some of people get bored.

When map is changed to e.g. cobber canyon, someone vote for durango or mexico, and map changes.

(Or map is already durango, scores are 9-9 and someone vote for restart. :x )
Then someone admin comes and make voting to not allowed. So, bored people can't vote for different map. :( (I'm one of them)

Please do something :|

And why that I don't change server is that my friends and good players play in jeuxlinux.
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Postby Pardner » Tue Nov 23, 2010 9:02 pm

Sounds like an improvement, a few years ago it was only Durango! I don't want to start a map discussion again, but they are the best two team based maps. While different maps would be nice, a lot (if not all) the good players want to have a competitive team game.... which really only happens on those two maps.

Basically, can't please everybody. It would be nice if we could make some new maps that can compete with Durango and Mexico. :|

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Re: Jeuxlinux and maps

Postby Myrmidonas » Wed Nov 24, 2010 12:23 am

MsH wrote:Then someone admin comes and make voting to not allowed. So, bored people can't vote for different map. :( (I'm one of them)

We turn the votes off because people vote all the time for durango and mexico,and most of the experienced players dont want to play mexico and durango....So i was really surprised when i saw this topic.....
Anyway, Msh the devs cant help u with that ,u will have to talk to jeuxlinux admins for problems that are related to that server
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Postby Bodie » Wed Nov 24, 2010 4:47 am

As far as I recall 1.1 will have some balancing improvements regarding maps allowing to pick a map list according to the number of people on the server.

Roster of big maps (Backwater, ElPaso and such) will be picked when the server is full. Roster of smaller maps when there's less people. This should encourage more variety between maps and during "rush hours" on Jeux less popular (which doesn't mean less good) maps should be picked.

Until then, when I am on the server (my presence is easily recognized by people writing "donnie donnie donnie donnie donnie" every 2nd line) I can turn voting off to let people play some different maps. I do it pretty much daily for a couple of hours but I can't leave it that way when I am not watching because players should be able to kick a TK or change a map via voting if they want to. Typically we have a run of 3-4 maps of medium popularity like Cobber, Santa Cruz, Farm and such. Then I put votes back on and they can go back to Mexico, Durango, Mexico, Alamo, Mexico, Durango, Mexico routine.

The bottom line is I can't really MAKE players play maps they don't like for extended period of time. :-) I mean, I can listen to pleas of people who are unhappy with all-day Mexico enforce it for a few maps but 2-3 hours without Mexico will have riots started.

You should keep complaining about being sick and tired of Mexico, convince other players and win those votes GUNS clan is putting forward all day to play Mexico again. Convince the players to your point of view and the problem will disappear just like the problem of Durango disappeared a while back to become a SantaCruz problem and then transform to current a Mexico problem. ;-)

Finally, don't forget that SG is on the low side of system requirements and many people with weaker computers play it for that very reason. Some maps, most notably NewTown, DawnFort or even Alamo are very hungry for resources and lag for them considerably. So when Alamo is on, they have a choice of voting for less open maps like Mexico or Santa Cruz - or leaving until the map rotates back to those which they can play. This applies to GUNS clan members who typically lead the charge when voting for Mexico.

I have to take those folks under consideration as much as I take you and other players who are bored with Mexico. They complain too when a map they can't play is running. And they can't play quite a few.

For map makers and developers: It's worth considering when you are making a new map that SG is popular among many people who aren't able to play too complicated ones. Keep it simple if you want to make next Durango, Mexico or SantaCruz.
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Postby Juaro Juarez » Wed Nov 24, 2010 2:30 pm

Agree with Donnie, just adding , that it's also a problem of behaviour to turn votes off or on.
I for example hate it when some "retards" ( don't wanna name know, but each of you should know at least 1 of the typical Jeux "retards" ;) )
just come, unbalacing teams and start voting to kick dudes or insult or just vote durango over and over.
You must realise, voting is not only for maps, but for kicks, too!
Therefor , sometimes, it's necessary to turn off votes not due to map or so, just because you see those guys connecting and see them stupidly voting any maps/kicks.
Also, there is still the problem, that while a mapchange, the first person to join the game, always has the advantage of voting for anything he'd want, just because the vote will automatically pass.
I myself never have this because i got 1.1B4 installed and it slower the connection rate ( or however this is called).
Therefor i always miss the first round ;)


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Postby Bodie » Thu Nov 25, 2010 3:02 pm

I'm testing scorelimit 6 today (just one day! don't panic) instead of 10. I picked a very low value (lower than 7 in clan games) to get more significant reactions to it than if I lowered to only 8 or 9.

The assumption for it is that less time spent on each map means Mexico will be a shorter wait for those who hate and also that those who want it all the time will not vote it back until at least 2-3 other maps are finished.

It should bring more variety at the expense of lower end scores (who cares about them?) and in general less time spent on each map.

Tell me what you think about it.
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Postby Bodie » Fri Nov 26, 2010 5:54 pm


It worked, a wider variety of maps were played through the day and it was almost impossible to get bored of one map - but the feedback I've got was negative for the most part (only 1/3 in favour or so) so 6 clearly isn't the magic number.

I might try with 8 soon when people forget and forgive me for yesterday's experiment.
SG names: Bodie (aka mS // Donnie).
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Postby hugobear69 » Sat Nov 27, 2010 6:09 pm

Edited by Pardner: your last thread was locked and cleaned. If you have problems with the Jeux admins, please talk to them in private. Considered this warning #2
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