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Re: Clearer display for votes

Postby /dev/random » Fri Sep 06, 2013 7:17 pm

Barto wrote:Have you ever had that kind of issue? Could it come from git (1.8.4), some weird #define (#define CS_VOTE_STRING_EXPL 30 I added)? Would it be a good idea if I just re-download the whole repo again?

I tried to run a make debug and it works fine (no segfault, but still darker screen compared to the master git branch).

I doubt that git could cause such an issue (though it's not impossible, newlines in the wrong place etc.). The #define might be an issue, but I can't quite tell from the top of my head. I'd suggest you try asking in #ioquake3, as they might have some more pointers for you.
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