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Postby TheDoctor » Fri Jan 21, 2011 1:02 am

!NuB!Donut wrote: I don't like this map so there will be no updates except if there is really a texture problem.

Then we both agree ;-).

UPDATE: As you told me in-game, the terrain was generated with EasyGen and as such, it depends on dynamic lighting to be rendered correctly. If one uses vertex lighting, the terrain is missing and it looks like this:

Independently, SG1.1 handles dependencies different than SG1.0. Instead of downloading all pk3s of the server at once, it only tries to load those who are used:
console wrote:"sv_referencedPakNames" is:"smokinguns/sg_pak1 smokinguns/sg_pak0 smokinguns/sanjuanicotextures1 smokinguns/sanjuanico1 baseq3/pak0^7"

Originally, even sanjuanicotextures1 was missing in this list. I had to add patch-in a server command to include additional pk3s.

Since SG1.1 has obviously problems determining the correct list of dependencies, I suggest to dissolve sanjuanicotextures1.pk3 and include all textures not found in sg_pak0 or sg_pak1 directly into sanjuanico1.pk3. The same should be done for dm_harbor (and JoeKari's dm_alamo_tiny, if it weren't a default map of SG1.1). Even if it makes both maps a bit bigger, you are on the safe side (regarding compatibility).
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