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Re: masks

Postby dowoshek » Thu Jun 18, 2009 9:41 am

gnaag wrote:As you are talking about masks, it would be very nic, if there would be a character with handkerchief around the face. Just like when we was young playing the bandits.

Do you mean sth like my avatar? :roll: Agree with that :)

Sincerily speaking, i don't like this guy with steel mask on face. I feel.. hmm.. a bit disguisted when looking at it - there's sth unpleasantly inhuman in that. The reason maybe the connotation with horror films or maybe even sado-masochism. Frankly, i wish it wasn't included in the game, but of course there's an option of forcing models to get rid of this at all.
PS: Don't get me wrong - i appreciate the work of creator - i just don't see this especially in Wild West story ;)
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