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Back for a bit

Postby Undertaker » Fri Jan 29, 2010 10:35 am

Howdy :)

Likely no one will remember me but I dropped in to say hi and to say the beta is looking great. I have been too busy to do much of anything and will likely be moving in March so things are going to get worse as far as time goes. My kids and I still play, well, they play mostly, I don't get to very often. I did get Smokin' Guns involved at a lan party from some kids at our local college, they love it so now there are a few more fans.

Anyway, things are looking good for the game it seems and still my favorite shooter. Glad to see the 1680X1550 wide screen now, fits my monitor nicely. My kids were wondering if there was a way to add other maps to the DM section, say, high noon in DM. I told them I'd ask and didn't seem like too bad an idea. Either way, great job everyone and one day I hope to be able to help out around here.
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