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Lead and Gold

Postby releppes » Wed Apr 28, 2010 4:40 pm

Has anyone seen or played "Lead and Gold" yet? I just saw the trailer on Steam. I can't help but think how much of it might have been inspired by SG.

I've not played the game yet, but from the trailer, there's a few things I didn't like.

1) The third person perspective just seemed odd. It made for a nice visual to see your character, but having him/her off to one side just looked odd. It made it difficult to see if someone was facing you or not. I'd rather see the first person perspective at all times, but when you get shot, show the replay of the event.

2) I couldn't tell, but it looked like weapon reloading is similar (same?) as in SG. This is what I like most about SG. But I think LG could have done a better with the HUD icons. The game looks nice and gritty, just like the Old West. But then the HUD has this cheezy appeal with a pistol and a number indicating the rounds left. I like how SG does it with an image of a gun chamber. SG should do for shotguns and rifles like they do for a six shooter. Have an image of an actual chamber showing the rounds left. It's nice eye candy and sits better with the style of game SG is.

3) I'll be a wuss and say I didn't care for the excessive amount of blood. The violence was OK, but the ridiculous amount of blood spatter was over the top for me. I just had a discussion with a coworker about games and violence. His argument was that the violence doesn't bother him. He just ignores it. But he hates people like me who would rather see less carnage in games. The point being that the market should take care of itself. "If you don't like the blood and violence, then don't buy the game." I can't help but totally agree with this statement. As a result, I'll likely never buy or play LG. The game looks great and all, but I don't care for the over the top graphic violence. Mind you, the violence is OK with me. It's an FPS game. It's what they are. I'm just not one to consider blood and flying body parts as eye candy. For realism, they really made this part of the game very unrealistic.

4) The targeting reticle looked different too. At first I didn't like the look of the shaded cone. But then I noticed how the spread might change during gun battle. Couldn't really tell how it works in the game, but it might be a nice feature.

Overall, the graphics were awesome! System requirements were steep. It was great to see a commercial game similar to SG. Would be nice if it had some RPG elements in it. My guess is that it plays similar to TF2.

Any comments from someone who's played SG and has tried LG yet?
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Postby moRtem » Wed Apr 28, 2010 7:30 pm

i didn't try the mentioned game yet, but i also enjoyed the published trailers (which i have seen a few months ago).

About the blood-part - in most games (at least q3-engine ones) it is possible to disable blood.

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Postby ReD NeCKersoN » Thu Apr 29, 2010 3:32 am

Thanks for bringing this up. I'm always curious about new western games.
If the "trapper" video is an indication, then yes, it does seem like a TF2 style game. Which would be a good thing imo.
Hard to say if they were inspired by WQ3/SG without playing it. Hard to imagine they wouldn't play as many western games as possible in the name of research though, & take ideas from what they liked about each one.
I'll agree about the blood spurts. Over the top imo. But I guess they figure that's what kids these days want to see... exploding heads, etc. For me, it's enough to see the body drop. I also don't like the 3rd person view. Too game-console-like. That's the biggest thing that turns me away from buying it. Although $15 is a good price if the game is fun.
SG should do for shotguns and rifles like they do for a six shooter. Have an image of an actual chamber showing the rounds left.

SG doesn't show a chamber, but it certainly does show the rounds. Check again. :wink:
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Postby zorxx » Thu Apr 29, 2010 3:05 pm

I buyed lead and gold and played it. It is a great game. The graphic is great but you can't destroy the windows like in SG. You can just shoot through them. One more problem is, that this game hasn't got any dedicated server because it isn't possible to open one. In some points is SG better but sometimes Lead and Gold is better. One point is, that you can see your teammates like with a wallhack :D because this is a complete teamplay game. If you can't play in a team you can't play this game.

If you want to see more about this game, here are some of my videos




You should try out this game because it is great and very cheap. (I downloaded i on steam for 15€)


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