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Postby Tequila » Fri May 18, 2012 4:30 pm

Smokin' Guns 1.1

Windows installer:

download-c.png Smokin_Guns_1.1.exe
Release date: 2012/06/08
MD5 : 331f9409364b8a7a6823f77b1a1fd76d
SHA1: 20d39f35f984aba4bffc4d97ef2ef297a7541b98

French mirror, thanks to Quake3.frSmokin_Guns_1.1.exe
Australian mirror, thanks to AusGamersSmokin_Guns_1.1.exe
Other great mirror, thanks to AtomicGamerSmokin_Guns_1.1.exe

You can also download this file via Bittorrent using: Smokin_Guns_1.1.exe.torrent

Mac installer:

You can use the unofficial release provided by nettboot.

OS Independent archive:

Release date: 2012/06/08
MD5 : f6eac64fa534fa9ff121dda5fd2dba44
SHA1: fe03a21480dbc78731c9e72cc3353973b7553f3e

French mirror #1, thanks to lululaglue & JeuxLinux.frSmokin_Guns_1.1.zip
French mirror #2, thanks to Quake3.frSmokin_Guns_1.1.zip
Australian mirror, thanks to AusGamersSmokin_Guns_1.1.zip
Other great mirror, thanks to AtomicGamerSmokin_Guns_1.1.zip

You can also download this file via Bittorrent using: Smokin_Guns_1.1.zip.torrent

DEB archive for Debian based linux OS (Thanks to Barto):

Release date: 2012/06/08
MD5 : 45bf0d28226131c7244e47e70be5e9d8
SHA1: 68bb944ee80c4173dc1a3d3f2d56d94b0fb4214a

French mirror, thanks to Quake3.frsmokinguns_1.1-1_i386.deb
Australian mirror, thanks to AusGamerssmokinguns_1.1-1_i386.deb

Debian/Ubuntu repository:
Thank to dansh, you still can use Q3Alive.net repository: see Q3Alive.net Linux Debian repository forum topic



Mac installer by netboot:

download-c.png Smokin_Guns_1.1-for-Mac.dmg.zip
Release date: 2013/10/24
MD5 : 24cf47188c8ddc8988bfbeca29fef335
SHA1: 492fb1590fe00693d030b74b78c372e5f009168e

To discuss about this release, join the related forum thread.


Older versions

Older versions are available from legacy downloads page.



Monster Browser server browser for Windows


A simple game server browser for Quake 3 made by torhu, including mods and standalone games based on it.  It uses Qstat to query the servers.  Currently it only runs on Windows, but might someday support other platforms.

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