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Re: Baller Bude Feedback, Discussion, Question & Answer Thre

Postby /dev/random » Thu Apr 06, 2017 8:48 pm

Barto wrote:Just one thing, I want to inform you that I have a backup of http://mirror.9k.lv/smokinguns/

This is great, thanks! The original files are still on the BallerBude server and might be more recent, but more on that next.

Tequila wrote:/dev/random, I also configured a simple Apache VirtualHost for mirror.9k.lv with the document root as my /mirror.9k.lv sg downloads subfolder.

I've put the CNAME in place and it should propagate soon. Long-term solution should involve changing URLs that point to mirror.9k.lv, but this is good in the meantime.

Tequila wrote:If anyone is concerned in updating this auto-download section, I can give private sftp access, just ask, or let me know where would be the new official mirror so I can setup a mirroring process, just in case.

Most of the maps can probably be found elsewhere, but the special sauce were the BallerBude specific mod files doc put up there. The process actually involved rsync'ing via cron, so I guess it'd be good if doc has sftp access if this shall be the new download location.
I'll send him a PM and direct him here, so you can work out the details.
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Re: Baller Bude Feedback, Discussion, Question & Answer Thre

Postby TheDoctor » Thu Apr 06, 2017 8:56 pm


apologies for being late. First of all, many thanks to you, random, for your reliable service in the past and for openly discussing this problem and the underlying changes.

Then, thank you, Tequila, for stepping in and providing a replacement service. I've updated the configuration of BB to point to http://download.smokin-guns.org/mirror.9k.lv/smokinguns.

As you offered it, I would like to get a sftp account in case I ever need to add or change a file.
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