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Monster Browser 0.9e is released

Postby torhu » Fri Sep 02, 2022 12:07 pm

Hi, just did some updating on this old project 8O

Main web site: https://sites.google.com/site/monsterbrowser/

Code and bug reports: https://github.com/torhus/monster-browser

The SG installation path was updated for 64 bit Windows. And there is an updated location database.

Full changelog:

- New: Configuration for OpenArena was added.
- New: Filtering on cvars game and gamename can be disabled by setting the mod
value in mods.ini to nothing.
- New: Game type names can now be configured in mods.ini.
- New: Added or updated configuration for some popular Q3 mods.
- Change: Default master switched from master.ioquake3.org to
master.quake3arena.com, the latter has got more servers.
- Change: Updated configurations for Tremulous and Urban Terror. Configuration
for Reaction was removed.
- Change: If mod is set to nothing, extra servers are loaded from
<section name>.extra, as opposed to <mod>.extra.
- Change: QStat is updated to version 2.17.
- Change: Updated installer that won't add anything to per-user directories.
- Fix: Updated the MaxMind DB DLL to 1.6.0, this makes location information
work when MB is installed in a path with non-ASCII characters.
- Fix: Updated installation paths for Smokin' Guns and World of Padman.
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Monster Browser
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