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Hey, I'm back. And I have problems :>

Postby haraldx » Fri Mar 25, 2011 10:45 pm

Howdy guys, haven't seen ya for a LOOOOONG time!
Sadly, I got problems.

1. I RREEAALLLLYY love the new rotoscope effect rendering, altough it looks comic and out of place, it's looking just so epic and great! However, I'm experiencing some problems with it. It seems to blur the image with a 2 second delay. However, it doesn't happen on all objects, it happens with skybox, some 3D stuff with only 2 faces and some 2D stuff, however, the map itself isn't affected. If I stand still and don't move the camera, it all works greatly, but when I start moving, it does the blur like thingy.

2. There are missing textures. Happend only after I got the latest game from Desura. Some missing textures - Mirror in Hang 'em High, part of the minecart in Coyote Bluff, ground near the fountain in Durango. There might be more missing textures, as I still haven't played all the maps (downloaded it only 3 hours ago).

EDIT: I'm using version 1.13 so it might be the issue.
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Postby AnneHopkins » Sat Jun 11, 2011 4:32 am

Oh I think we go the same problem I hope somebody can help! :) :)
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