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Can we educate our bots please??

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Please help me!

Postby [PTR]Manoel Victor » Fri Jul 22, 2011 8:47 pm

Hello everyone, well, I have a problem with women in creating bots, because when I puz this model:
model wq3_female1/blue
And this for the other bot:
model wq3_female1/red
It's not working! By appearing envés women, men are showing up, does it have something to do with this line:
aifile bots/male1_c.c
I think it has.
If this is the problem, give me the model of the characteristics of the two women bots (and jane oakley) so I can put for example, the characteristics of the envés bots/male1_c.c be women.
Now, thanks.
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Postby Pardner » Fri Jul 22, 2011 8:55 pm

This has nothing to do with the ai file. The ai file only controls how they act and what they say. The way the bot looks is only dependent on the bot file:
Code: Select all
name       Manoel Victor
funname    "^6Manoel ^1Victor"
model      wq_male1/red
aifile     bots/male1_c.c

Remember to look at my other post I posted for you:

Also, in game press TAB to pull up the scoreboard. This will reload the player models.
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