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Enabling bots to close and re-open doors

Postby TheDoctor » Thu Apr 12, 2012 1:33 am

Until now, bots were not able to close doors. Due to some weaknesses in their pathfinding, they tend to run into doors :roll:. In some cases, the just need to close the door they are facing in order to re-open it again outwards (see dm_tillian for examples). To enable them to close doors, change in void G_TouchTriggers( gentity_t *ent ) of code/game/gactive.c the line
Code: Select all
hit->moverState != MOVER_POS1) ) // bots dont need to press down activate
with the line
Code: Select all
(hit->moverState != MOVER_POS1 && hit->moverState != MOVER_POS2) ) ) //  bots dont need to press down activate, but sometimes they need to close doors in order to re-open them outwards
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