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Postby Joe Kari » Wed Apr 28, 2010 4:04 pm

Joe Kari wrote:No need to reply.
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Joe Kari
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Postby moRtem » Wed Apr 28, 2010 7:27 pm

Joe Kari wrote:Firstly, I don't like people trying to push an idea by saying something like "I play more often the game than you, so I am right".

I'd rather say, that more experienced players are able to define the core of a problem more likely than players who are new.

And additionally i want to add that public gaming is one thing, but playing clanwars is a totally different matter. Features that are nice in public games don't necessarely work out well in competetive gaming.

And secondly, FYI, I play exclusively with random nickname (except if I met another dev team member), and because I'm french, I have played a plenty of time on JeuxLinux...

good to know

And finally, JeuxLinux is a fine server, yeah, but that's not the only-one-server-where-every-pretending-good-player-should-play-and-if-you-dont-play-there-you-didnt-ever-exist.

As european player who is active in BR you simply got no other choice than participating on jeuxlinux. So if someone (from EU) ain't playing there, he simply can't know about the issues which are present in BR.

So, considering pt 2 of my last post, you prefer their camping to giving them 'escape' option...

i didn't say so - my opinion is:
do something against campers, and this feature isn't needed
but.. if this feature is added, there is still nothing done against the core of the problem and additionally there is the risk of opening new ways to exploit


And once more back to the devs: Please stop taking every critic personal -- this game is fun and ppl who keep discussing here, are basically ppl who love this game, just like you do.

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Postby Pardner » Sun May 02, 2010 4:12 pm

I split a bunch of posts to this topic, so you you are looking to argure about camping please go there.

I don't know if an "Escape Button" would be useful, just my personal aopinion. I do not have the skills to add this to our game anyways. It would be interesting to see if the 1.1 changes (1 point to defenders) and a shorted round time would do. This we could test now on the 1.1 servers.

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