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HOWTO Add SG 1.1 beta alongside 1.0 to your MB

Postby Bodie » Sun Apr 15, 2012 11:52 pm

I know it's very easy, but since I started getting asked about it, here's how to setup your MB to use both 1.0 and 1.1 versions of the game.

1. Start MonsterBrowser 0.8.
2. Click "Settings".
3. Click "Game Configuration" to open the mods.ini configuration file.
4. Paste this code at the bottom of the file, below the section for SG 1.0:

Code: Select all
[Smokin' Guns 1.1]

5. Change "AAAAAAAA" to the folder where your 1.1 beta is installed. In my case it is "exePath=d:\gry\sg_1.1b5a-unofficial\smokinguns.exe". Change master.smokinguns.fr to the master server of your choice, if you want to. Don't change mod or you won't be able to click to join any servers.
6. Close mods.ini. Save.
7. Click "Ok" to close Settings.
8. In "Filters and Game Selection" you can now choose between Smokin' Guns and Smokin' Guns 1.1.
9. Select SG 1.1 from filters, click to "Check for new servers", after you get a fresh list click the 1.1 beta server of your choice, play. When you want to go back to a 1.0 server, just select Smokin' Guns in Game/Filters again and then you can click 1.0 servers to join them with your 1.0 client.

Enjoy. I guess.
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