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ZeroRadiant under Linux

Postby Tequila » Sun May 31, 2009 4:11 pm


to complete the Breli's tutorial, I will explain here how I installed ZeroRadiant for Linux from the current trunk sources.

On Linux, I suppose here I want a "ZeroRadiant" folder in my home directory. I also have the game installed in "SmokinGuns" folder from the home directory.

1. Check out the source from trunk using Subversion command:
Code: Select all
[tequila@home somewhere]$ cd
[tequila@home ~]$ pwd
[tequila@home ~]$ svn co https://zerowing.idsoftware.com/svn/radiant/GtkRadiant/trunk ZeroRadiant
Checked out revision 327.

2. I built ZeroRadiant and q3map2 using scons program from the "ZeroRadiant" folder:
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[tequila@home ~]$ cd ZeroRadiant
[tequila@home ZeroRadiant]$ scons
scons: Reading SConscript files ...
[tequila@home ZeroRadiant] cd install
[tequila@home install]$ ls
bitmaps  games  installs  lang  modules  q3map2  radiant.bin
[tequila@home install]$

So I obtained after few minutes the radiant.bin program, but also the q3map2 linux native one.
Of course, you need to eventually install scons package and maybe some related "devel" package. Just ask in the forum if you can figure out which package is missing for you, but don't forget to give the scons output.
3. By the way, just starting radiant.bin now shouldn't work but give you a crash... Don't worry that a ZeroRadiant bug meaning you need a game installation... So you need to extract stuffs from the Breli package for windows.
So extract the content of SGZeroRadiantMappingPackage.zip in the "~/ZeroRadiant/install/installs" subfolder:
Code: Select all
[tequila@home install]$ ls -l installs
total 12
drwx------ 4 tequila tequila 4096 mai 31 07:31 Add contents to Smokin Guns Development Folder
drwx------ 4 tequila tequila 4096 mai 31 07:31 de
drwx------ 4 tequila tequila 4096 mai 31 07:31 en
[tequila@home install]$

4. Move common stuffs to the game and ZeroRadiant install folder:
Code: Select all
[tequila@home install]$ cd "installs/Add contents to Smokin Guns Development Folder/smokinguns"
tequila@home smokinguns]$ ls
maps  models  scripts  textures
[tequila@home smokinguns]$ mv -v maps models scripts textures ~/Smokinguns/smokinguns
`maps' -> `/home/tequila/SmokinGuns/smokinguns/maps'
`models' -> `/home/tequila/SmokinGuns/smokinguns/models'
`scripts' -> `/home/tequila/SmokinGuns/smokinguns/scripts'
`textures' -> `/home/tequila/SmokinGuns/smokinguns/textures'
[tequila@home smokinguns]$ cd "../Zero Radiant"
[tequila@home Zero Radiant]$ mv -v game.xlink synapse.config ../../..
`game.xlink' -> `../../../game.xlink'
`synapse.config' -> `../../../synapse.config'
[tequila@home Zero Radiant]$ cd ../../en
[tequila@home en]$

5. Move few other files to the expected place, and remove unused folders:
Code: Select all
[tequila@home en]$ mv -v global.xlink ../..
`global.xlink' -> `../../global.xlink'
[tequila@home en]$ mv -v games/sg.game ../../games
`games/sg.game' -> `../../games/sg.game'
[tequila@home en]$ cd ../..
[tequila@home install]$ rm -rf installs
[tequila@home install]$ ls
bitmaps  game.xlink  games  global.xlink  lang  modules  q3map2  radiant.bin  synapse.config  unnamed.map
[tequila@home install]$

6. Now we need to fix the common sg.game configuration for Linux. Edit the ~/ZeroRadiant/install/games/sg.game file to obtain
Code: Select all
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" standalone="yes"?>
<!-- generated by Radiant setup, modify at your own risks -->
  name="Smokin Guns"
  enginepath_win32 ="C:\Program Files\Smokin' Guns Development"
  gametools_win32="C:\Program Files\Smokin' Guns Development\Zero Radiant"

You may want to fix 'engine_linux' attribut with "smokinguns.x86_64" if you're on linux 64bits and have the 1.1 engine built for 64 bits.
!!! Here you need to fix "/home/tequila" by your own full path to home directory !!! ZeroRadiant doesn't support the "~" syntax to ask for user directory on Unix.
7. In the ~/SmokinGuns/smokinguns/scripts folder, you must finally rename "entities-SG.def" to "entities-sg.def"
8. Start ./radiant.bin from ~/ZeroRadiant/install and submit your maps ;)

There is one thing missing, that's the bspc program to prepare AAS files for the Bot AI.

Btw, you should know I did that on Fedora 10.
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