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Can we educate our bots please??

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Postby Lucky Bro » Sat Jul 11, 2009 10:34 am

RailedRobin wrote:Edit: Or did you just mean how to test them, to start a map and all that? I'm a bit tired right now, not thinking straight, sorry :|

I just meant that you will need to sort somehow the results that you will get. And what is more important to determine the results that you want to get. Players may have to test anything and they'll do it for sure, but if you'll leave them without at least one way of what and how test - you can get no results at all. So, any description is good (even 3 points given above).
About starting a map in dev mode and so on - I just want to make few things clear to everyone. Sometimes it is better to say/write obvious things and may be later that help someone to figure out a completely new way of testing. I think timescale is really helpful - not everyone has time to test bots whole day to find one single case..
About other modes than DM - I think they have to be reviewed in engine code first. DM is working good with current bots to train aim. In BR they don't even try to reach the money bags (actually they trying in code, but in test they don't).. And sometimes kill their teammates.. So, simple things first and complicate next. I'm sure if you'll success with that job you'll success with other code as well. And here are enough of players who may help to understand functions inside the game engine.
But you may test other modes as well. Above is just my point of view.

Now to skins. What I meant is the following. Just simple skins to make them different on the field. Those skins are only for test purposes! I haven't any designer skill at all :)
I'm not sure if you know short way to do such skins, so I'll write here the way I've done it:
1. Make a copy of any model you like and rename that folder (mine was wq_maleYP - yellow&pink). I took wq_male3 because it has less than others files inside :) Actually wq_male1 just has some redundant files which are not used.
2(optional). Modify the icons to have possibility to check your skins quickly in player's menu. Two files: icon_blue.tga and icon_red.tga.
3. Modify required skin files.
There are three parts of the model and three damage conditions. And multiply by two teams we get 18 skin files.
All of them has .skin extension. Just usual text files, so read & modify them easily.
Since I wanted only to change the hats I modified four files: head_blue_damage_*.skin and head_red_damage_*.skin to make them refer to models/wq3_players/wq_maleYP/wq_male3_head.tga and models/wq3_players/wq_maleYP/wq_male3_head_red.tga skins. Yeah, no damage is seen on them, but I don't needed that now :)
4. Modify required tga images. In my case that was only two of them - wq_male3_head.tga and wq_male3_head_red.tga.
5(optional). Remove non-required images to reduce size of your pack. In my case I've removed everything except two icons (don't remove them anyway) and two head files.
You may do it because skin files have references to tga images of other models (in my case - wq_male3)
6. Create a pk3 file. With only new models.
You may check my results here. But try to create your ones instead :)
Yeah, I may just do those (15?) skins by myself, but.. May be you want to try it too and I hope that you'll include them to your next package as well. And may be it will be better to use some secret names for bots on testing stage like Yellow, Pink and so on (it is more of joke than advice :)) :)
May be there is other way to do such skins - post it here than, may be someone will use it :)
Good luck with your task!
P.S. Don't forget to turn off force models.. I forgot again and spent 10 minutes to find what am I doing wrong :)
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Postby RailedRobin » Tue Jul 14, 2009 1:56 pm

ReD NeCKersoN wrote:
RailedRobin wrote:I also got all the weapons from Quake 3 in my inv.h-file.

Would you experimentally remove those please & see if it breaks anything? As far as I know, none of the Q3 weapon stuff should be needed & that's simply residue from the WQ3 days.

Well I tried this, and when starting a map with bots, they aren't there and I get this message: "Error: BotStartFrame: bot library used before being setup".
I'm going to uninstall SG and then re-install it, since I'm experience difficulties playing it at all right now, don't know why, and then I will try this again just to see if I maybe accidentially deleted something important.
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