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Include a Teamoverlay in SG?

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Postby Lon' » Tue Jan 25, 2011 9:09 pm

in my opnion this is not necessary, its just like a radar, in 18 or 19 century did the cowboys had a radar?
this will make the game more easy for the players. for example if i got killed in fountain in durango all my teams will know that i got killed in fountain cause it shows in the box and then eveybody of my team will supose that the enemy is close or at the range of the fountain.

If this box can be disable by any admins well for me its fine but if not my vote is no!
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Postby mLy! » Tue Jan 25, 2011 9:53 pm

Pardner wrote:I started making a background image for the overlay. Here are two screens, one with a solid background, and the other is with an opaque background:

Please just make it transparent, we dont need an image there.

Pardner wrote:But I ran into a small menu bug. The overlay is on top of the weapon menu. Simple fix would be to have the weapon menu on top of the overlay as the weapon menu is not always shown.

Or just remove that frustrating weapons menu and have normal scroll like any other game !
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Postby Juaro Juarez » Wed Jan 26, 2011 3:32 pm

Pardner wrote:Another fix would be to integrate the team overlay information into the scores menu. There seems to be plenty of space to add health, location, and moneybag info

As it comes you are already on editing the score table, why not finally exchange the stupid time option per deaths?
That's one idea that would be pretty great to be in the the 1.1 because well...i mean, the time thingie is really senseless not just because it bugs all the time also because most i guess most people would like the deaths option ;)

But to the teamoverlay... i'd definately say, that i would be a great idea to do that, but please.. if you're thinking of doing such thing on the right top of the screen, just make it transparent, it also would be completely annoying if you can't see anymore who's in the corner of "your eyes view" :)

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