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Questions about version 1.1b4

Postby ^SDE^Evans » Thu Feb 17, 2011 2:41 pm


Sometimes it happens in version 1.0, remaining 1 vs. 1, he has to steal and I defend (kill everyone). I kill the opponent and hit the dynamite unintentionally what happens! I lose the round, despite completing the goal (kill enemies), this was corrected in version 1.1?

I kill and lose the round! >. <

This has been fixed in version 1.1?

I think it should be removed from the sight of the sniper!
So it would only work with SCOPE!

So my idea would remove the item SCOPE. For him to come along when buying the gun SHARPS (increase the purchasing value of sharps)

Buy sharps scope + 1.0 = $ 55
1.1b4 Combo = $ 55

What do you think?

The SHARPS Should kill with one shot! For it is the most expensive and potent weapon in the game!

Just hit "arm"should not kill! It should hit the enemy with a 80% damage

<<<<<<<<<SEVEN BULLETS IN COLT>>>>>>
This bug is still possible in version 1.1b4

It is still possible to steal a few seats without using dynamite!
Alamo and cobber :)

I'll look at other things and then put it here
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