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Great News!

Postby Prodigy » Wed Sep 14, 2016 2:37 pm

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Re: Great News!

Postby Barto » Wed Sep 21, 2016 8:24 pm

Oh, I've seen this talk on IRC when it happened. I like the outcome of it.

It's clear that the new renderer based on Xreal looks neat and can give some nicer colors and has more features. The thing is, it now requires OpenGL 3.0 at least which is a big higher than the old renderer (requiring only OpenGL 1.x). With most modern machines, this version should be available, but i'm not convinced that all old computers do have it. I'm glad that, for this reason, the old renderer will still be there to support those machines.

Also, after few benchmarks done by people on the IRC chat, it is quite clear that the renderer is a tiny bit slower (due to less speed hacks all over the place), but it is still totally playable from the values. Also, there will be time to maybe trace the slow execution paths and maybe observe a bottleneck and fix it.

Let me get the chatlog for a benchmark:

Code: Select all
2016-09-06 20:39:33     MAN-AT-ARMS     OpenGL1 all defaults: 1260 frames 1.6 seconds 766.0 fps 0.0/1.3/3.0/0.5 ms
2016-09-06 20:39:55     MAN-AT-ARMS     OpenGL2 all defaults: 1260 frames 2.4 seconds 526.1 fps 1.0/1.9/9.0/0.6 ms
2016-09-06 20:40:23     MAN-AT-ARMS     only stock pk3 / four.dm
2016-09-06 20:42:33     MAN-AT-ARMS     so roughly 69% the speed
2016-09-06 20:42:51     MAN-AT-ARMS     GTX960
2016-09-06 20:43:33     MAN-AT-ARMS     yeah but im not running it on a $200 walmart laptop either
2016-09-06 20:43:52     MAN-AT-ARMS     with shared system mem
2016-09-06 20:44:23     MAN-AT-ARMS     id be curious to see other numbers

Recently, ioquake also reworked the joystick hotplug support with SDL2 along with absolute values with floating points fixes and possible badly checked buffers sizes.

If you happen to have quake 3 around and want to play it, I can only recommend you to go to their ioquake website, download a test build and screw around the console for fun. :-)
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