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1st beta test patch

Postby torhu » Thu Jul 21, 2005 9:06 am

Here ya go, folks!

Patch no longer available here.

Please make sure you read the changelog before you post any bug reports. And describe exactly what you did before you experienced the bug, this will help us reproduce it, so it can be fixed. But remember that fixing bugs is time consuming, and some bugs are really hard to pin down. So some bugs might remain forever. :mrgreen:

Also try out the changes that's been made, like the increased knife damage, and see what you think. If there's anything you don't like, please post and tell us why.

When you are making a post, please use a descriptive topic title. Don't use something like 'WTF!?' or 'something funny in br yesterday'. That doesn't tell us much. Use something like 'buy menu still gets stuck in testpatch 10', or 'knife damage: 50 is too much'. Otherwise we might edit the title so I it'll be easier for us to find what we're looking for later.

And don't start a new topic about something there's already a topic for. And finally: do not discuss more than a single bug or change in each topic. If you have two unrelated things you to say, make two topics. It's a lot easier to follow the discussion that way.

Currently I'm the only coder, and I'll be gone for about a month now. But I'll try to read this forum once in a while to see how it all works out. :)

Changes since b2.0

    *** FIXED ***

  • Fire when choosing weapon
  • Bots fill server up tp sv_maxclients in rtp and br, also in tdm if rtp or br was used first
    • bots now always leave room for one more on each team
    • can disable bots only in BR, RTP and duel trough bot_noRTP, bot_noBR cvars, and bot_noDuel cvars
  • client scoreboard shows wrong fraglimit, probably client's own fraglimit instead of the one received from server
  • Taunt animations don't work
  • Mac hitfile loading doesn't work
    • have added endianness conversion, should fix it
    • one player says it works for him
    • need to test the hit locations
  • bots won't spawn prematurely in team games anymore
    • they now join in team spectator mode, and don't spawn until the round begins
    • this also prevents them from spawning without ammo
  • buy menu sometimes gets stuck
    • now it shouldn't display if it would get stuck
    • if it shows up anyway, press buy key again to turn it off

    *** CHANGES ***
  • knife slashing damage increased from 30 to 50
  • you will no longer lose your score when switching teams
  • cvar team_model is gone, use model instead for both
  • new death messages (obituaries)

  • Custom background music for maps that specify it
    • for standard map, only files mentioned in q3_pak0.pk3/music/music.cfg are loaded, and then played in random order
    • specify filename in the worldspawn 'music' key if you want custom music, otherwise leave it empty
  • First person spectator mode
    • not perfect in duel mode yet
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