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Beta-testing for the Linux SA engine installer

Postby Tequila » Sun Jul 13, 2008 4:34 pm


I prepared a installer for linux players. You will find it in the ftp from the folder "/downloads/beta_testing/stand_alone". The name of the installer is "smokinguns-1.33w05.sh".

Only linux x86 binaries are in that installer.

By default, it installs binaries in "~/SmokinGuns" but you can change that.

The binaries have the update for the ui map selection. So you can test it and say what you think about it.

I would love you to log at least one time to my "smokinguns.fr" testing server to check the guid stuff in the server log. Thanx :wink:

Then tell us what you think about the installation process under linux. The setup messages will be updated for the SA.

Have fun
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Postby hika » Sun Aug 24, 2008 3:53 pm

Woww, cool to see you managed to make a Linux installer.
I hope to test it in the next few days, but on a FreeBSD box ... then I will certainly make some modifications.

By the way, I will also check the new files to be commit on the SVN.
I think I will give you a write access account, if you need it.
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