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Submitting bug report and feature requests

Postby Tequila » Tue Oct 20, 2009 12:20 pm

Just some information if you want to submit bug reports or feature requests:

About bug report, you need to write a good description of the problem:
1. Tell which engine (with its version) you're using and on which platform
2. Explain how to reproduce a problem with numbered steps if possible
3. Tell what you obtained and what you were expecting
4. When you think it's good, attach screenshot or even a demo file. You may also point to a video you uploaded on youtube or elsewhere.

About feature requests, describe your wish. Eventually tell us if the feature can be found elsewhere, in another game, so we will be able to feel your wish. Attach screenshot or what ever being useful to the discussion.

Where to submit: You have many ways to submit
1. You can open a thread in this forum.
2. You can directly open a ticket on our Trac site using the same credentials than your forum account: New ticket page
3. You can also directly submit a mail to the SourceForge 'smokinguns-bugs' and 'smokinguns-features' lists:

  • Bug report: smokinguns-bugs <at> lists.sourceforge.net
  • Feature request: smokinguns-features <at> lists.sourceforge.net

There you can submit without being registered on SourceForge and we will handle the issue if it really applies. 8)

Use that template to report a bug replacing text when needed:
Code: Select all
'''Platform,OS:''' x86_64, linux Fedora 10
'''Engine/game version:''' SG v1.1b1

=== How to reproduce: ===
1. Describe here step 1
2. Describe here step 2
3. ...
=== Result: ===
Triggered that bug

=== Expected result: ===
Something else

=== Attached file description (if necessary): ===
Demo file showing the problem
This template is still using Trac wiki syntax so it will be easier for us to handle the ticket in the Trac site. Thanks.
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