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Mod WeaponControl

Postby Colt Peacemaker » Tue Jan 18, 2011 10:48 am

Hi all!

I've just some question...

I am still working on a project which will allow you to control weapons.

I have created own commands like this:
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/rcon aPeacemaker 1 //allows Peacemaker
/rcon aPeacemaker 0 //forbide Peacemaker

But here I have got some problems:

I can't send the client a central print (for example "Weapon not allowed!")...
Can you show me a example?

I can't run my mod on public servers because the client gets errors like this:
Code: Select all
UI created FAIL! (or something like this)

Thank you!

I get some problem while using a integer for the weapon-prizes...
Where I can set that I can use an integer for this?
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