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Smokin' Guns - The Manual

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Misc & Credits


This is a list of Smokin' Guns cvars that are not already present in the Quake 3 engine, or are different in some way. SG incorporates most of the cvars from Neil Toronto's Unlagged 2.01, but only the most important ones are listed here. See Unlagged201_readme.txt for details.

Server-Side Cvars

Cvar Default Value Description
g_gametype 0 Sets the current gamemode. The duel and bank robbery gamemode cannot be set manually, they can only be started by loading a du_ or a br_ map.
(0 = deathmatch, 1 = duel, 3 = team deathmatch, 4 = round teamplay, 5 = bank robbery)
fraglimit 20 Sets the fraglimit (used in deathmatch and team deathmatch).
scorelimit 10 Sets scorelimit (used in round teamplay and bank robbery).
duellimit 3 Sets the duellimit (used in duel).
timelimit 0 Sets the timelimit (0 = no limit).
du_enabletrio 0 Enables trios (duels with 3 players at once) when set to 1.
du_forcetrio 0 Forces trios to be set up whenever possible if set to 1.
g_redteamname "Lawmen" Sets the name of the lawmen team.
g_blueteamname "Outlaws" Sets the name of the outlaw team.
g_roundtime 4 Sets the timelimit of a round in round-based games (0 = no limit).
g_chaseonly 0 Disables free spectator mode if set to 1.
g_deathcam 1 Enables the deathcam when set to 1.
g_specsareflies 1 If set to 1 spectators are visible and look like flies.
g_splitChat 1 If set to 1, living players cannot see what spectators or dead players are saying in chats.
g_delagHitscan 1 Enables lag compensation for hitscan weapons.
g_smoothClients 1 Smooth out movement for clients that skip because they have a bad connection.
bot_noBR 0 Disables automatic (bot_minplayers) adding of bots in bank robbery when set to 1.
bot_noDuel 0 Disables automatic (bot_minplayers) adding of bots in duels when set to 1.
g_breakspawndelay 0 Sets the breakable item respawn delay in seconds. If set to 0, default to 45 seconds.
g_forcebreakrespawn 0 If set to 1, a breakable item will respawn, even if it is in one player's field of vision.

Client-Side Cvars

Cvar Default Value Description
cg_impactparticles 2 Sets the level of particles (0 = none, 1 = few, 2 = normal). Lower numbers = better frame rates for older computers.
cg_gunsmoke 1 Enables more realistic gun smoke effects when set to 1. 0 = better frame rates for older computers.
cg_addguns 1 Adds additional guns the player models are carrying when set to 1.
cg_flysound 0 If the player is a spectator the flysound will be played when set to 1.
cg_talksound 1 Select the talk sound. 0 = off, 1-4 = various sounds.
cg_showescape 1 Shows the arrow indicator which helps to find the escape area when carrying a money bag in the bank robbery mode.
cg_hitmsg 1 Enable messages saying where you hit an enemy.
cg_ownhitmsg 1 Enable messages saying where you were hit.
cg_delag 1 Enable delagging for hitscan weapons.
cg_boostfps 0 Slightly improves FPS, concerning flares and particles.
cg_glowflares 1 Enable glowing flares. 0 = better frame rates for older computers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm trying to load a map and then an error occurs saying something about "hunk allocate failed". What can I do?
A: Either start SG using a direct link (shortcut, see Getting Started on how to create a shortcut) , or modify your q3config.cfg (in the baseq3 and smokinguns folder) and change com_hunkmegs to at least 96.

Q: I'm trying to connect to a server and I'm always getting an "client command overflow" error. How can I fix that?
A: Try to delete your q3config.cfg in the smokinguns folder and make a copy of the backup.cfg, renaming it to q3config.cfg. That should work.

Q: I think the maps are looking too bright on my PC. What can I do about this?
A: Set "r_overbrightbits" to 0 and the maps won't be so bright anymore. There's a slider-button in your settings/system/other menu for brightness as well.

Q: How do I reload akimbo pistols?
A: Hold down your reload button (default R) and then press the primary fire button to reload the left pistol and the secondary fire button for the right pistol.

Q: I bought a scope. How can I use it?
A: First you have to make sure that you have a sharps rifle and the scope, because the sharps rifle is the only rifle in the mod that works with a scope. Then select the sharps and press your "use scope" button (default enter).

Q: How can I disassemble a gatling gun so I can carry it?
A: When you are already mounted to the gatling, press your secondary fire button to pack it up.

Q: How can I use a gatling gun that is already deployed?
A: Move close to it, point your crosshair at it and press your use key (default E) when the crosshair turns yellow.

Q: What do I have to do in the bank robbery mode?
A: In short: Either you have to rob one of the safes in the map & escape with the loot or you have to defend them. Another way to win (that pays less money) is to kill all of the players on the other team.

Q: How can I open a safe in bank robbery mode?
A: Blow it up with dynamite!

Q: I'm an outlaw in bank robbery mode, why do I have to protect the bank?
A: If the robbing team wins the round, then the two teams swap sides. Just imagine the town is now run by the gangsters and the good guys have to free it/get the stolen money back.

Q: I don't see any weapons after a duel starts.
A: You have to draw your pistols manually. Just press the "2" key and press fire to draw your weapons. Or you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse & press fire.


Iron Claw Interactive (ICI) Members

Development up to and including Western Quakeł b2.0

Spoon - Code, Maps, Models
Lt. Frag - Maps
Lixus - Maps
DeadKennedy - Maps
Fakey - Design
KroKoFox - Music
General Tso - News, Weapons Info
Deimos - Web
Drakhon - Public Relations

ICI Beta Testers

Mite, Zeroburn, Johan_90, Ebola_D, KageMurai, Jussuf, Abomb, ReD NeCKersoN, Humbolt, Crusty, Xanieth, Nixon, [Z]KrOno, JazzD, Jack9911, Sonic, Xerxes, Joshua, Zakk, Argonath, Chico, nE9n, r1z1b1z1

ICI Special Thanks

Werwurm for modeling the S&W Schofield
Mr. Klumpen for modeling the Colt Lightning and the Shotgun
Hawk for modeling the Gatling Gun
Neil Toronto for the release of his unlagging code
Heiko Munk for doing the menu-music
Planet Multiplayer ( for giving us a webserver
JOLT online gaming ( for giving us a betatest-server

Smokin' Guns Productions (SG) Members

Development after b2.0 & up to Smokin' Guns 1.0

Christian 'Breli' Brelage - Mapper, Textures
Christopher 'EvilFutsin' Jayawardena - intro/credits movies, additional models, textures, painskins, & noose model
Gilbert 'Hika' Cao - Coder
David 'L3th4l' Getchell - Website design, Mapper, Textures
Edwin 'ReD NeCKersoN' Jirouch - Mapper, Textures
Andreas 'Sig11' Schweitzer - Coder, Textures
James 'Sparcdr' Cornell - Windows build maintainer
Tor 'Torhu' Husaboe - Coder
Brett 'Pardner' O'Connor - Mapper, Textures

SG's Beta Testers

Adrian C., Aerosol, Angel-Eyes, Aquarius, =Barking.Spider=, BITE-ME!!, Bloodletting, Ccitt, Caffeine, ChainLightnin', Chainsaw, Chico, Chilli, Clink Eastward, Clintstone, Coup' George, Dadamungo, Dakman, Deadeye, DeUgli, Dexx, Dolny, Don Antonio, Donutt, ElPresidente, Encryptic, English Rose, Fred187, Fxa90id, Hellrider, In70x, Jakmanjak, Jeroen, Joe Kari, Jussuf, Kaboofa, Lice, Mag, McZero, MisterX, M.R., Nyarlathotep, Nova, Old&intheWay, Pardner, Puddytang, Rev_Blueduck, Roy_O'Bannon, Screechingweasel, Senot Bunuelo, Shadoku, SHS, Steel, SonicX, Stoic_Ails, StuffStohl, Ten Beers, Tequila, Zapata

SG's Special Thanks

ICI for supplying us with everything we needed & allowing us to continue work on their wonderful project
BNT for saddle & shell models
Coup' George' for texture & graphic work.
DeUgli for some custom music & sound replacements
El vAkonD for an updated compiler, the death cam & additional code tweaks
Henri "Leon" Tervapuro for background models, new player model skins & additional textures
Joe Kari for mapping, models, textures, shotgun spread code changes, & graphic work.
Map Center for their great texture packs
Neil Toronto for the release of his unlagging code
Simon (Sock) O'Callaghan for resources from Simland & his POM map
Spoon for fixing the smoke effects, & providing advice
Guillaume 'Tequila' Bougard coding work, including maintenence of the Linux port

The loyal SG community (you know who you are!)