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The Game

Getting Started

Links to all Smokin' Guns base files can be found on the official website. The latest version is 1.0.

Windows users: After having downloaded all required files, you simply have to launch the installation file which will extract and copy SG to your hard drive. Just follow the instructions on the screen. When done installing SG you'll be able to launch it using the created shortcut.

MAC/Linux users: After having downloaded the appropriate files, you will have to extract them to your Quake3 folder (e.g. "/usr/local/games/quake3/", for Linux Systems). The archive also contains a shortcut to launch SG.

It is important to use a shortcut to start Smokin' Guns because of the special com_hunkmegs setting that is necessary. So if you have no shortcut, create one by using "quake3.exe" and adding this to the target-line:
"+set fs_game westernq3".

Game Modes

All gamemodes in Smokin' Guns are based on the same money system, implying purchase of equipment with money from rewards. It means you have to kill other players (the amount of money you get depends on the rank of the player you killed) in order to get cash and be able to buy your equipment. In round-based gamemodes buying equipment is only possible near your start location.

All gamemodes, except Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, are round-based. If you die during a round you will only respawn at the beginning of the next round, staying as a spectator during the current round. Rounds last a specific amount of time or until one team has completed their objectives or all members of a team are dead. The team that wins the round gets a point. Of course, the team with most points wins the match!

Round Teamplay (dm_)

This gametype is the most basic gametype in Smokin' Guns. The two teams have the same goal: to kill all players on the opposing team. There is no other way to win a round.

Bank Robbery (br_)

As the name says, the goal of this mission types is to rob a bank and bring the money back to a secure point. To do so each player of the attacking team is equipped with two sticks of dynamite in order to blow up the safe. Robbing the bank isn't going to be easy because the whole second team is defending the bank and will try to prevent the other team from getting in. While a robbery might prove to be more difficult, it will also be much more profitable than just killing off the defending team. Once the attacking team wins a round the roles are reversed, meaning the team that defended the bank before will have to rob it.

Duel Mode (du_)

This is where you can reenact the classical Wild West showdown. In this mode, the only weapons you can buy are pistols (see: "Buy Menu"). The duel maps are actually large levels divided into several parts, and up to 16 players per map are supported. Separate duels can be performed simultaneously in different parts of the map.

The combatants start out facing each each other, unable to move for as long as the duel intro music plays. This is the time to buy pistols. When the duel music stops, the contest begins. Your pistols will be holstered, so you have to draw them quickly. Right away, your aim will be off. When the crosshair has faded completely back in, your aim will be accurate again.

The winner of the duel is rewarded with money which allows for purchasing better pistols, and stays on the same map part, where he faces the next opponent right away. The loser has to wait in line for his next turn. You get a star for every duel you win. As soon as somebody reaches five stars, the duel round ends and the winner gets one duel point. The number of rounds won is shown on the scoreboard, in brackets before each player's name. As the next round starts all players start from scratch with no extra money or pistols. The duel game ends when one of the players has won three rounds (customizable through the duellimit cvar).

Health & Damage

How much damage you take depends on which part of your body is hit. If you get hit in the head you're likely to die at once, but if you get hit in the leg you'll probably survive. Here's a list of the damage locations in order from most to least vulnerable: head, neck, chest, stomach, groin, shoulder, legs, arms, hands, feet. There is no way to restore your health in Smokin' Guns. Once you get hit, the damage remains until your next life. When you are taking damage you will have trouble moving at normal speed. It's a touch of realism since being shot in real life would definately not go unnoticed!

The Heads-Up Display (HUD)


  1. Your weapon.
  2. Amount of ammunition loaded in your weapon.
  3. Ammunition left in the belt.
  4. Items you are carrying (boiler plate, ammunition belt, and/or money bag).
  5. The amount of money you have. Earned by killing enemies, or by winning bank robbery rounds. (Pickups are also available in deathmatch.)
  6. Your health.
  7. Same as item 3, they both show the same number (akimbo mode only).
  8. Ammunition loaded in the second weapon you are holding (akimbo only).
  9. The second weapon you are holding (akimbo only).
  10. Crosshair - turns yellow to indicate when you can press the 'activate' key to open a door or use a gatling. A red X covering the crosshair means you're aiming at a teammate in team modes.
  11. This arrow points in the direction of the escape point (only when carrying the money bag in bank robbery mode).
  12. Your score to the left, best (or second best if your are in the lead) score to the right. Team scores in team gametypes.