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Beta 2.1 is here!!!

Postby ReD NeCKersoN » Mon Nov 07, 2005 1:18 pm

[Important note: If you have trouble running the mod READ THIS.]

It's been a long, tough road for us but I'm pleased to announce that version B2.1 is now officially here!

You're killing our bandwidth so please use these great MIRRORS!

wq3_b21_full.exe for Windows:
www.extreme-players.de (in German)

wq3_b21_full.zip for Linux/Mac/Win32:
gaming.ngi.it (in Italian)
www.extreme-players.de (in German)

wq3_b21_update.exe for Windows:
www.extreme-players.de (in German)

wq3_b21_update.zip for Linux/Mac/Win32:
www.extreme-players.de (in German)

We expect a few other reputable websites to offer the files in the coming days and new mirror links will be added here as they become available. Huge thanks to the good folks at those establishments! Of course, we'll keep hosting the 2.1 downloads right here as long as our bandwidth holds out. No new maps this time around (we've got some nice levels in development) but the move to 2.1 is a must have for sure. Check out the changelog:

Changes from b2.00 to b2.10

*** FIXED ***
- no more erroneous firing when choosing weapon
- taunt animations work
- mac hitfile loading works, mac users can run a server now
- bots don't fill up server completely in team games anymore
- bots won't spawn prematurely in team games anymore, this also prevents them from spawning without ammo
- scoreboard shows correct fraglimit
- buy menu sometimes gets stuck, press buy key again to turn it off (work-around)
- when cancelling weapon choose mode with esc, +attack will now fire on first click
- weapon choose menu is cancelled when activating an already deployed gatling, so you can no longer use both gatling and pistols at the same time
- can't duplicate gatlings anymore
- when using a deployed gatling while already carrying a gatling, the carried gat will have bullets, and will also be instantly deployable when you let go of the previously deployed one
- will now always autoselect another weapon when letting go of a deployed gatling
- can buy ammo belt after buying scope

*** CHANGES ***
- knife slashing damage increased from 30 to 50
- allowed for faster weapons switching
- you will no longer lose your score when switching teams
- Make (bot_minplayers / 2) bots get added to each team, instead of bot_minplayers. Round up to the nearest even number, bot_minplayers = 5 will give you 3 bots on each team.
- cvar team_model is gone, use model instead for both
- new death messages (obituaries)
- load next map after 5 secs when no human players on server
- dynamite knockback increased
- boiler plate is reset to max health between rounds TRP and BR
- FFA is now always default gametype for wq_* maps
- Sharps scope turns red instead of green when aiming at a teammate
- g_speed now defaults to 200 instead of 180

- first person spectator mode (in addition to previous modes)
- deathcam shows who killed you, toggle on/off with g_deathcam (always off in duels)
- new command 'lastusedweapon', Q is default key
- Quickscores on HUD. Shows your score, and the score to beat. In team games, both teams' scores are displayed instead. Works like in vanilla q3.
- custom background music for maps that specify it
- can disable automatic adding of bots only in BR and duels through bot_noBR and bot_noDuel cvars
- improved teammate indicator on crosshair
- alt-fire button cancels weapon choose mode
- enable loading of hasteSmokePuff shader, to get a dust cloud when landing after a fall/jump (only new maps that implement it)
- if dynamite in your hand is shot, it explodes
- func_door_rotating has got new spawnflags: ONE_WAY, X_AXIS, and Y_AXIS, plus 'distance' key
- crosshair teammate indicator now works through glass windows

Check the manual for info on how to purchase items, use dual pistols, etc. (Link at left under "About" section.) For a list of servers, check the "View Servers" link under the Community section at the left of this page. Got TeamSpeak? Shoot the bull with the dev team and kick dirt in our faces while you gun us down on our public WQ3 TS server! Want to host your own WQ3 game server but have questions? Hit the WQ3 forums and make yourself at home. Whether you're a WQ3 veteran or a newcomer to the mod, strap on your six-guns and come out shooting!!! :D
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