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Happy birthday Baller Bude?

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Subject: "11/9 is B-day"

Postby TheDoctor » Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:17 am

Dear Gunslinger,

on November 9th, 2009, a madman named @spi installed BigBrotherBot (B3) on his Smokin'Guns server after he saw it on "You click, You die!" (vgames.eu), not thinking through the consequences. This date is herewith officially declared to be the birthday of Baller Bude as we know it. Time for you to pause the killing for a few minutes to send us your best wishes and to tell us what we are doing right/wrong.

Best regards,

The Baller Bude Team
(@spi, Biondo, Doppelkupplungsgetriebe, ^TheDoctor^)
Biondo's cake
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Postby LuckyGenDago » Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:32 am


You guys are doing a great job as admins there.
Hope the server will stay for us a while. :-)
Its allways cool DM Action there.
Go On guys

Best regard

[IngameName] mS.Dago
TS Admin
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Postby Juaro Juarez » Sat Nov 06, 2010 1:41 pm

Well, happy Birthday BallerBude! :D

Had some nice DM rounds there :D
Hopefully some more years are coming :D

Admin on Jeuxlinux.
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Juaro Juarez
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Postby Pardner » Sat Nov 06, 2010 4:16 pm

Happy B-Day BB! My ping is too high to enjoy your admins hard work :(
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Postby ReD NeCKersoN » Wed Nov 10, 2010 3:17 am

Happy BD, BB! 8)
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ReD NeCKersoN
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Postby TheDoctor » Wed Nov 10, 2010 5:29 pm

A big thanks to all our birthday guests :wink: :
In order of account age, Baller Bude wrote:Player alias Mope, con=1353, Israel, AS1680, add=365
RocK alias |FD|Brian*, con=63, Germany, AS3320, add=364
UnnamedPlayer alias Xyli-Gun, con=125, Ukraine, AS6789, add=363
STIer!k!nho** alias STIer!k!nho, con=246, Brazil, AS27699, add=363
(Kat)Dom, con=150, Czech Republic, AS16246, add=362
kunda2, con=170, Czech Republic, AS16246, add=362
HogoFogo, con=278, Czech Republic, AS5610, add=361
|kratos| alias |kristal|, con=124, Italy, AS3269, add=356
A*redrajos alias Aredrajos, con=34, None, AS15935, add=345
OverdoZ alias DDDDDDD, con=53, Ukraine, AS35320, add=345
zdenek, con=171, Czech Republic, AS16246, add=337
zago, con=92, Czech Republic, AS16246, add=336
Frank, con=277, United Kingdom, AS5089, add=333
!NuB!mirkO, con=111, None, AS30722, add=315
!NuB!Xik alias SiewcaPL, con=132, Poland, AS43447, add=310
!NuB!Sunrise, con=362, Germany, AS3320, add=310
Bony alias MottoGuzzi, con=11, Poland, AS5617, add=294
cancoillotte_blues alias deadonarrival, con=32, France, AS12322, add=293
S&W-Joefield alias CaMpErNooB, con=21, Germany, AS3320, add=288
PamLandy, con=24, Germany, AS3320, add=284
-=LG=-Sirious alias -=xLGo=-xSerious., con=148, Germany, AS3320, add=282
=(eG)=theflyingfox alias spek, con=45, Netherlands, AS8737, add=266
lala alias BAXI, con=599, Hungary, AS35311, add=254
Poopette, con=76, Belgium, AS47377, add=241
maschinegunjoe alias clinteastwood, con=160, Czech Republic, AS5610, add=213
Pinkerton alias Lodz, con=147, Germany, AS6805, add=213
Moe alias =ThethreE, con=107, Germany, AS3320, add=211
PsychoMilk alias -nox-Juaro-, con=118, Germany, AS3320, add=206
LinuxMintDebian alias Sukkerroen, con=132, Denmark, AS33796, add=186
-=LG=-Daber alias GenDaber, con=85, Germany, AS3320, add=183
TOSHI alias DOURADO, con=20, Brazil, AS27699, add=182
00000080FF002d alias Poulpefrictionjr., con=8, Russian Federation, AS29303, add=179
Trinita', con=32, Italy, AS3269, add=177
Pranke, con=29, Germany, AS9145, add=169
|RP|ReMover, con=152, Lithuania, AS8764, add=164
Mateusz alias Andzelika, con=7, Poland, AS12741, add=159
ich, con=25, Germany, AS3320, add=154
friedrichblasi alias Walker, con=247, Germany, AS13184, add=153
CLINTISGOOD, con=233, France, AS12322, add=150
!NuB!Donut, con=77, Germany, AS3320, add=150
|RP|HighSteric, con=106, Lithuania, AS8764, add=147
Nobe alias TheHornyWhale, con=36, Germany, AS3320, add=145
Nerman, con=68, United States, AS6478, add=144
Apu alias Baer, con=119, Germany, AS3320, add=143
|.GUNS|..Luigi alias LuigitheBOSS, con=141, None, AS6855, add=139
ED-Style alias Edik, con=59, Germany, AS3320, add=132
RodyARG alias Rody, con=332, Argentina, AS22927, add=129
wojo39, con=14, Poland, AS29314, add=127
jane, con=497, Hungary, AS34588, add=119
D&$TP!$CO* alias@8DEST4@8P!SCO, con=52, None, AS0, add=111
TheFermer, con=63, United Kingdom, AS2529, add=110
-nox-Prophet-, con=15, Slovenia, AS16016, add=108
DT(_!_) alias Trafalgar, con=77, France, AS3215, add=104
CowPatty alias Sundance1028, con=110, None, AS7132, add=102
AlShafr''''' alias |Sa3|, con=302, None, AS19262, add=99
WhIsKY alias WHISKY, con=208, Italy, AS16232, add=99
COWBOYFROMHELL, con=400, Brazil, AS27699, add=98
Polokid, con=12, United States, AS22773, add=97
Winston alias MadBull, con=19, Brazil, AS8167, add=97
|GUNS|EmrE alias -=|TSV|=-Emre, con=91, Germany, AS6805, add=84
ETBiLu!!! alias BrUnOdOFlAmEnGo!!!, con=15, Brazil, AS27699, add=78
'*>FA<*'GunnY, con=160, Germany, AS3320, add=78
anakonda alias '*>FA<*'AnakoN, con=193, Tunisia, AS2609, add=74
AssKicker alias ShonKnight, con=12, Hungary, AS8448, add=71
Mr.BuStA alias FeKa, con=130, Hungary, AS12301, add=70
Kurdu(Hamas/PKK) alias Kain, con=68, Romania, AS12302, add=67
SGPlayer, con=7, Poland, AS29314, add=65
TheJackal alias |DEST, con=15, None, AS35228, add=65
ClintFloh, con=175, Germany, AS3320, add=63
Sigarillo alias Win_Siga, con=39, Italy, AS3269, add=61
$aM* alias P-51, con=2, None, AS0, add=60
kingkong alias le_br, con=127, Brazil, AS27699, add=57
Pahlooza alias Shampanse, con=103, Germany, AS3209, add=56
ChAvInHo_BR alias pica...pau_br, con=45, Brazil, AS27699, add=56
Nikom_Mazemb.e alias Neck_._breaker, con=74, Tunisia, AS2609, add=49
Real alias -=|TSV|=-Faruk, con=159, Germany, AS3209, add=49
!KoS!IssI! alias #IssI!, con=65, Germany, AS3209, add=49
GORAN, con=123, Serbia, AS8400, add=46
[NT]Jice''' alias LuckyJice''', con=22, France, AS3215, add=45
{Gold}Persian alias {Gold}Persi, con=11, Netherlands, AS5615, add=41
sonix, con=95, United States, AS12271, add=40
!NuB!muffin alias Diehappy, con=141, Germany, AS3320, add=36
Mr.Radeberger alias Mr.Lowenbrau, con=100, Hungary, AS5483, add=35
Chickentacos, con=160, France, AS3215, add=34
|GUNS|Pitbull, con=144, Czech Republic, AS29113, add=32
{Gold}Knight alias DarkSider, con=58, France, AS12322, add=32
LuboKanon alias Hitman, con=10, Czech Republic, AS6830, add=29
PitouDeLaVega alias PitouFR, con=33, France, AS3215, add=29
!NuB!BoSS, con=216, Tunisia, AS2609, add=25
fyiiamaspy alias nextgentacos123, con=2, United States, AS7132, add=25
Shaissewurst alias ShaisseWurst, con=35, Finland, AS719, add=25
Black0ne alias *Black0ne*, con=26, Brazil, AS28198, add=25
Max@lol alias erereiorheiryeruiey, con=31, France, AS15557, add=25
JessyJemms alias JessyJeams, con=10, Switzerland, AS12350, add=23
jujunkivet, con=56, Finland, AS16086, add=22
MaceY alias **WeeD**, con=171, Germany, AS3209, add=20
.ZerroDEAD, con=19, Russian Federation, AS28917, add=18
-nox-bl1tz-, con=2, Germany, AS3320, add=9
NihilNovi, con=3, Poland, AS5617, add=9
Maxort, con=2, France, AS8228, add=9
|Guns|Smile, con=12, Poland, AS12476, add=8
Tonny alias tony, con=19, Czech Republic, AS5610, add=7
000RAMDON_PXNDX0000, con=2, Colombia, AS3816, add=7
TombStone alias ELDante, con=19, Germany, AS3320, add=6
Zapata, con=5, Spain, AS12715, add=6
SGPlayer alias ImpacT, con=24, Germany, AS3320, add=6
ShnurOK, con=2, None, AS42322, add=6
jolehajka, con=14, Croatia, AS34594, add=6
ELYES0NWESTERN, con=10, France, AS12322, add=4
DukeTankard, con=5, Italy, AS3269, add=3
SGPlayer, con=2, None, AS50231, add=3
fredfredburger, con=5, Australia, AS1221, add=3
Nickdu86[FR], con=7, France, AS12670, add=2
TheKid, con=2, United States, AS20115, add=2
permont, con=3, None, AS10620, add=1
SGPlayer, con=3, Finland, AS16086, add=1
roli, con=6, Romania, AS41571, add=1
Pistolero, con=3, France, AS12322, add=1
SGPlayer, con=1, Czech Republic, AS29113, add=1
|GUNS|SaskE, con=2, Germany, AS3320, add=0
Sandukhan, con=1, Germany, AS20676, add=0
UnnamedPlayer, con=9, Poland, AS5617, add=0
ToroFrancais, con=2, France, AS3215, add=0
atiradordeelite, con=1, None, AS27699, add=0
oklopkhov., con=2, Croatia, AS34594, add=0
EastClintwood alias StruckyLike, con=5, Germany, AS6805, add=0
SHC, con=3, United States, AS19262, add=0
JHC, con=5, United States, AS19262, add=0
Diego, con=2, None, AS7738, add=0
thexterminator, con=1, New Zealand, AS9872, add=0
RATO, con=1, Brazil, AS7738, add=0
SGPlayer, con=1, Brazil, AS8167, add=0
SGPlayer, con=1, France, AS28708, add=0
betobarbosa, con=1, None, AS27699, add=0
SGPlayer, con=4, Germany, AS13184, add=0
Legend: con=number of connections, add=number of days ago this account was created
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