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Donate your moneybag

Postby Tequila » Thu Jan 10, 2013 3:55 pm

Hi folks !
you want to support our work ! Great news, we want to spend more time to support yah !

Of course, you can just donate your time to  help us enhance this game. You can contribute to the code or to the content.
But you can also donate your moneybag !! You know, the one you just steal in Santa Cruz bank...

For all contributions, please, tell us your wishes, even the cowboy you prefer to donate to.
Thank you for all our generous donators.
Twisted Evil

Crypto-money donations ar also supported:

Leave us a word with your coin address to get your reward here


Our list of generous donators:

Hellrider (USD66.00), Anonymous (USD3.00), torhu (USD50.00), Anonymous (USD40.00), Clink Eastward (USD60.00), Clintstone (USD10.00), Anonymous(USD10.00), steel (USD30.00), Anonymous (USD10.00), Anonymous (USD20.00), torhu (USD15.00), Anonymous (USD1.00), Red Neckerson (USD20.00)
Joni (USD20.00), Austin (USD10.00), Florian (USD5.00), Matias (USD15.00), Michael (USD5.00)


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